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How important website security is !

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Our first update is about wordpress security, many of you doing SEO courses will possibly have a blog/website using the wordpress platform and its important that you listen carefully. BBC news reported last week that Russian gangs are stealing passwords etc click here.

Then you have announcements from Google click here , that websites that are not secure will no longer rank. So from an SEO point of view website security is high up on your list of priorities. We are not sure whether the Google update is just a rumour at present as it would be unfair if they gave much weight to a website with a security certificate. As not every website needs a security certificate.

It has always been the case that you should update your wordpress version and plugins and also have a regular backup of your website so that you can restore your website in the event of an attack. Many hosting companies do backup your website but never make the assumption that they all do double check it with them. If you do need any advice on hosting and backups we can point you in the right direction.

This newsletter is about wordpress, but any websites security is important, hackers don’t just go after wordpress they go after all types of websites so no matter what platform your websites on make sure its as secure as it possibly can be.

This is the first newsletter, we will be sending them out every few weeks to make sure that you are kept up to date with all things SEO. If you dont want to receive these newsletters then you can unsubscribe from the links below.