WordPress Security Packages

wordpress security pacckagesAt Pro Website Solutions we make a lot of wordpress websites for clients. In our experience we have learned that security is key to maintaining any website which is why we are now offering security packages.

WordPress is an open source platform that is a prime target for hackers and other threats that want to cause a disruption. When the platform itself is out of date it is more prone to attack, the same goes with any plugins your website may need. Versions or plugins that are out of date become vulnerable and ultimately give hackers the opportunity to inject malware or deface the website. This can lead to getting blacklisted by the search engines, it can also result in your web hosting company taking your site offline so that the hack doesn’t affect other accounts on the same hosting package and of course can lead to lost business if your website is down for any period of time.

If you use one of our wordpress security packages then our team will monitor your website and make sure that everything is kept up to date as well as scanning your website every day for malware. We will also clean off any malware free of charge, giving your website maximum security against internet threats.

You may not think that you need a wordpress security package, but in our experience it is always best to have one. If your website makes you money then it’s worth securing as there is nothing worse than waking up one day to find out that your website is no longer online. If this happened then there is the chance that you may have no backups of the website and as a result you will need to pay out for the website to be rebuilt.

With any web design company they will design you a website and in a lot of cases that will be the end of the deal. Unless you have a web development package, SEO package or a wordpress security package it’s unlikely someone out there will be backing up your website on a regular basis. We have had clients we have not dealt with for 4 and 5 years who have had their website hacked and for some reason they feel that we still back up and maintain their websites for FREE. Of course any business needs to be paid if someone was to provide such a service. So dont get caught short and make sure that your wordpress website is secure!

If you are interested in our wordpress security packages then get in touch today and one of our staff will be more than happy to help you pick the best package for you.