Why has my Website Rankings Dropped

Why has my website rankings dropped? This is a question that many people are thinking and with the recent updates that Google has made a lot of people seem to be suffering.  A lot of people rely on their website for a living so it is important that you carry out any SEO work properly otherwise when Google decides to change the algorithm you could see a dip in rankings or your website falling away altogether.

There are many different SEO company’s out there who use a variety of different tactics to get a website ranking. If it works then fair enough however, some of these companies use software or tactics that they think will bypass Google’s algorithm. This may work to a certain degree but there is the chance that when Google does an update that your rankings will drop. At our company we feel that trying to keep up to date with the latest Google changes and carrying out work the correct way will mean that our customers websites will not have a drop in rankings.

We use a wide range of white hat SEO techniques and manually do all SEO work to our clients websites. This is the approach you or your SEO company should use in order to maintain and improve website rankings.

If you are interested in getting an SEO review of your website whether your rankings have dropped or not then get in contact with us today and one of our staff will be happy to do this for you.