Website Repairs

There are always changes online whether it is browsers or new features that websites have and most website owners have no idea how to go about getting their website updated without being charged a fortune. We are able to offer website repairs for those of you who need something on your website updated, or fixed.

Depending on who made your website it can be very easy to repair or fix problems that might appear from time to time. We normally only charge per hour so it can work out very cheap if you need a few tweaks here and there to make the website work properly.

Over the years we have carried out hundreds of website repairs so whether it is making your website compatible with a new updated browser or someone has been trying to mess around on the website and messed up a bit of code we can help. Many website owners come and say can you help me fix my website expecting to pay hundreds of pounds, it isn’t always the case and we do provide FREE quotes before any work is carried out on your website.

Google does like a website that gets updated regularly and for that reason alone it can be very worthwhile however, some businesses need to add new pages, or content and images to their website to promote their services as best they can. We have monthly maintenance packages that are available if you have a website that needs updated on a more frequent basis. You can also pay per update but if it is regular updates to your website then it might work out a lot better to be on one of our monthly maintenance packages which we can work to suit your exact requirements.

So if you need website repairs, website updating or you need us to fix a small problem on your website then get in contact with us and we will be able to provide you with a quote to resolve the problem.