Website Rankings Change in Winter Months

We have had a question from someone who feels that their Websites Rankings change in the winter months. They claim that Amazon and other big shopping carts seem to take their positions in the rankings in the lead up to Christmas and there is some truth in this however, there is not a great deal of information online about this subject and not many people ask this question on forums.

Over the years we have dealt with a number of online retailers who rank well throughout the year but come mid October to end of January the rankings are a bit up and down.

People might put down the drop in rankings to competition increasing or just put it down to rankings changing for the other reasons that they do normally change for.

At this time of year you will notice across many niches that Amazon, Ebay, and a few other main websites seem to slot into the top 3 positions, where they normally wouldn’t. We put this down to an algorithm change by Google around this time of year because it is in the lead up to christmas where these sites seem to get a bit more power than normal. Aswell as CTR or something similar being given more weight than normal it would make sense because all of these sites generate money and millions of it and it is more than likely that they all have PPC campaigns which they are spending thousands per month on. As a result of this it would probably make sense for Google to give them a little bit extra at their busiest period.

There has never been any press statements of why Website Rankings change in the winter months or the run up to the christmas period however, every year for the past 7 years of working with one of our clients this has happened and it can’t be a coincidence.