Title Tags and Content

SEO is involves both onsite SEO and offsite SEO. The onsite SEO side of things is as important as doing the off-site part. Part of onsite SEO is about having the title tags and content in place to target your desired keywords.

The title tags in our opinion are very important and even with those changed you can see an improvement in results, although this is dependent on the competition and also the quality of the content that is on the page.

A title tag shouldn’t be crammed full, we normally only target a maximum of three keywords per page. Sometimes we only target one or two keywords depending on the keyword and competition and how much content we can write about a particular keyword.

Generally the title tag and content should match up with each other to show Google what the page is about although the content on a web page is the single most important factor for any SEO. Good quality unique content will attract the search engines to the website and more importantly will also attract other people to link to that content which will in turn help you in terms of links for that page.

Many people have said that content is king and this remains true even now. This means that there is no need to fill your web pages content full of keywords, instead just write all of your content naturally giving as much information as possible. This should help improve your web pages performance online.

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