SEO Basics

The SEO basics is what is important when starting out any SEO campaign. It’s the same as doing anything, you have to get the basics learned first and foremost before trying to tackle anything. This particular post will give you some information on the basics of SEO and what you could or should be doing when starting out.

The first thing would to be to read an SEO book or do an online SEO course, which we can also provide. We would then recommend reading blogs or websites that have SEO information on them. That said anyone can write anything on a website and in most cases the information online is outdated and is no longer how Google works. However, it will give you the SEO Basics required to start looking about for more current up to date information.

You should then get a website even if it doesn’t look good, a wordpress blog or similar and then start trying to do the basic SEO that you have learned on this website to see if it is working. After posting a blog or page on a new website it can take days or weeks for Google to even crawl the website although sometimes it can be quicker.

You can then carry out all additional basic SEO tasks such as all aspects on onsite SEO and offsite SEO to see if you can rank for some keywords. We wouldn’t recommend targeting competitive keywords just minor keywords so you can see how you can rank after learning SEO.

You can find plenty of information relating to SEO on our website as well as a questions and answers section in which our very own SEO’s will blog about on our website. This will also help you with the SEO basics.

If you need any other help please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.