Pro Website Solutions Nominated for 2014 ROCCO Awards

slidenew1Pro Website Solutions was delighted to hear that we have been shortlisted for 2 awards in this years ROCCO Awards which take place on the 14th of November. You can find the full shortlist by clicking here the first of our 2 nominations is for the Invest in Renfrewshire award which is an award for giving young people a chance to work with us for a period of time giving them work experience in how we work on a daily basis, from admin, to IT we have always been willing to give people a chance to come in and gain some experience. And we have employed 3 candidates in the past year in full time employment as a result of them coming in and doing the work experience. We have also given work experience to 15 other people over the last 12 months which hopefully helped them into employment.

The other shortlist is for ” Business Leader of the year ” this is basically a nomination because we have ticked some of the right boxes for things like :

This award recognises the leader of a company who has done some or all of the following:

  • Led the company through a difficult phase – and came out on top
  • Grown the company significantly whether it be by turnover / profit / market share / staff
  • Enhanced the profile of the company on a local  / national or even global basis
  • Through their leadership the company excels in certain areas, such as service or quality 
  • Enhanced the reputation of Renfrewshire


So we will keep you posted on the winners and wish all the candidates the best of luck !