On Page Search Engine Optimisation Tips

Many website owners crawl the web for the latest SEO tips that they can pick up, reading blogs and other articles online by Search Engine Optimisation experts. The downside to this is that sometimes you can be reading information that was correct 5 years ago, with Google updating and changing their algorithm all the time the chances of the tips you are reading might be out of date.

We plan to put up regular updates for SEO for those of you interested in Search Engine Optimisation. Our SEO team have years of experience and perform SEO to a very high standard and will be posting tips for SEO on a weekly basis.

Today’s tip is On Page SEO and what to do or what to look for. You may be looking at our tips to see if your current SEO has done the on page SEO to the best of their ability. It’s ideal to have a basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimisation so that when dealing with the person or company who does your SEO that you have a rough idea of what they are telling you.

On Page SEO

On Page Optimisation is just as important as off site SEO. The on page aspect of SEO has to be correct so that all the offsite work has maximum impact.

If you are targeting a specific keyword using a page you have to look at the title tag. This title tag should contain the keyword or keywords that you will be targeting on that particular page. The title tag should be no longer than 65 characters long otherwise you will be diluting the effect of the title tag.

Your content should contain the keyword that you’re targeting as well as other content about that service or product. It is also important that your content is unique and not copied and pasted from someone else’s website as this will have an impact of your SEO because Google tends to filter out copied content.

It is important not to cram the content full of keywords otherwise you will also face having the page filtered out for stuffing the content full of keywords. When it comes to content you should aim to write content naturally and not write for the search engines.

So having your title tag matched up with the content on your page targeting keywords that are searched for by people is a key tip for On Page Search Engine Optimisation.

We will be posting SEO tips on a regular basis. If you want us to write an article that you would like more information about then email us on info@prowebsitesolutions.co.uk and we will add some of tips based on the information that you want.