Monthly Website Maintenance

Monthly website maintenance is something that we are forever being asked for and it is now a service that we will be providing on an ongoing basis.

Our monthly website maintenance service will allow you to select a package and you can use this allowance for us to update your website, add content and make sure that your website is generally running well. We can also incorporate some on site SEO work as part of your ongoing monthly website maintenance to try to drive some traffic to your website, although this isn’t one of our SEO packages, we will try our best to have the site structured in a way that SEO will be in place should you ever go down that route in the future.

Most people who use our monthly website maintenance packages are people who run businesses and have no time or simply don’t know how to add new things to their website. We can use your time to blog about your products or services and add images to give you a bigger and better website as time goes on. No website was made and remains the same, people are always adding new content, images, pages and features to their websites and this is a must if you want to be successful online.

We can take care of all your website requirements and there is no minimum term. So you can use us for as long as you like for a set monthly fee. For more details on our website maintenance service just in touch with us today.