Manual Link Building UK

Here at Pro Website Solutions we offer companies a full range of SEO services including a manual Link Building service which has become more popular recently after Google’s most recent updates. Manual Link Building is essential and if you are UK based it is equally as important to be getting links from UK based websites. All of our Manual Link Building is done by one of our SEO team who have access to many websites in the UK across a variety of different niches and growing to help you with your Link Building needs.

A lot of so-called SEO experts claim to do Manual Link Building. Although they claim this they would normally use software which will post your links automatically to forums, directories and many other sources. This on top of spinning articles which will include your links. None of these tactics are going to benefit your website in the long-term, we haven’t tested this method using software but from what we can gather it can have a short-term gain however, Google are always targeting spammers and eventually it will catch up on you.

We have always took an ethical approach to SEO which includes Manual Link Building to UK based websites. This has helped our website rankings long-term as well as many of our customers websites.

We have customers who were practically unaffected by Google’s latest updates which is of course a good thing. Having good stable websites that rank well is what we aim to achieve although it doesn’t happen overnight. Manual Link Building has to be done properly, it can’t be spammy and needs to be unique so that we are not putting your website at risk.

We have had several customers come to us after Google’s penguin update as it’s sometimes referred to. We have stabilised these customers rankings and in the process have found that some of those customers were using companies who were using software for link building. So ultimately when Google’s penguin update targeted spammers millions of websites were affected. Those links were then devalued and those websites no longer ranked anywhere near the top page.

Manual Link Building doesn’t cost that much more than using an SEO company who use software anyway. We offer competitive prices for our services and charge per hour so we only charge for the time we are working on your project.

If you are in the UK and want to try our Manual Link Building service then get in contact with us. There is no long-term contracts which means that you can use it as much or as little as you want.