Looking for a Reliable SEO Company

Are you looking for a Reliable SEO Company ? you many have had your fingers burnt in the past using a so-called SEO company, many of our customers have had a bad experience using SEO company’s across the world, there are many people who make claims about what they can do, and how quick they can do it, and put up a pretty good sales pitch.

However, in truth there are not that many reliable SEO Companies, there are some although we would advise that you do your homework and get references in which you can check. This is so that you can be sure that the SEO company that you choose has actually ranked a website and is able to carry out SEO to a decent standard.

You should also look for a company who will offer you a personalised SEO Service and talk to you on a regular basis via email etc to keep you updated with the progress of your website and what is required to make it move higher up the search engine rankings.

It is important that your SEO Company is in the same country as yourself for instance if you are targeting a UK market then ideally you would have a UK based SEO. This is simply because a UK based SEO will have more resources and contacts in the UK.  At our company we certainly do most of our work in the UK, if someone from the USA came to use for SEO help then we would be able to help to a certain degree however, one important factor of any SEO campaign is your Link Building Campaign. Getting good quality relevant UK based links is what you need in order to rank in the UK, we use our resources as leverage to get us the best possible links for our clients. We wouldn’t be able to get a huge amount of USA based links simply because we don’t have the resources or contacts to be able to compete at the very top for the competitive search terms that would bring you in revenue.

So when looking for a reliable SEO company make sure that you consider all of the above factors when selecting an  SEO to work for you. Our company does provide a full range of SEO services so if you want a FREE no obligation quote then get in contact with us today and we will get a review of your website done and take it from there.