Link Building Packages


We provide a number of different link building packages to help boost your websites rankings on the search engines for your keywords. We regularly send out link requests to sites that are relevant to the client we are working for; gaining new contacts and link opportunities on a daily basis.

Link building helps both parties push their websites higher up the search engine and has to be mutually beneficial otherwise no-one will link back. We always aim to gain a good quality relevant link and will provide another good quality relevant link in return.

There is a number of different methods for link building some will benefit your website and others are likely to harm your website which we will explain in more detail:

Reciprocal Links 

This is when someone links to your website and you link back to their website. This is the least popular method as a reciprocal link cancels the other link out so you are not getting maximum benefit.

One Way Links

One way links is the most effective method of link building. This is when someone links to your website and you would link back from another website ( maybe another site you have ) or another website you have access to. This is the way we like to build our links.

Three Way links

This is a method we never use. This is when you link to a website, they link to another website and that website links to you. Three way links are a method that is commonly used by those who employ tactics that are not ethical and can result in all websites involved getting penalised.

There are many other methods or names that are used when people build links. Over the years we have done SEO for a wide range of companies and also have sites that we rent out to people, meaning that our resources for links are used when we try to push our clients websites up the search engine. Our team will get you relevant one way links that are manually places on websites using the correct anchor text and linking to the relevant page on your website.

Does Link Building benefit my sites rankings on the search engines ?

Yes it does, providing you have all other aspects of on site SEO then link building can push your website up to the top of the rankings which in turn gets you more traffic and sales. However, just getting someone to build links without the on site SEO being up to date might not push your website as far as it should. We specialise in all aspects of SEO and can advise/do that for you in addition to link building.

Guest Blogging

Another method that we do allow on some of our websites is the opportunity to have a guest blog post on websites in return for a link to a website. A guest blog is a new method which is basically a few paragraphs about a company with a link or 2 in the text which link back to the person’s website. It is another link however, it can be beneficial depending on what website this is on because you can pick the URL , title tag and content with links rather than just an anchor text and short description.

We do offer various link building packages for those of you who wish to use a link builder to help push your website up the search engines. Just contact us and tell us what keywords you wish to push as well as your URL and we will give you a FREE no obligation quote for our link building services.

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