How to Rent a Domain

How to rent a domain? There are many reasons that you may want to rent a domain name. One of those reasons might be that someone has a good domain name that will benefit your business and bring you in a huge amount of traffic.

Renting a domain name is likely to cost considerably more than buying a domain name however, there are not a lot of good domains names left out there that are keyword rich. For example you might be a builder in Glasgow and want to rent as it is likely that you will rank well for that domain with only a little bit of SEO.

You might also be looking to Rent a Website as well as the domain which is a service that we can provide you with. We have a number of websites already built with content that rank well, all that we are waiting for is for someone to rent them out.

Why do we do that? Well we carefully look for good domains and if they become available then we buy them, rank them and hopefully rent them out. There is not much risk from our side as we are able to pass there onto someone.

We do rent out the domain names only aswell but the majority of the time it is the full Rent a Website package that people go for as it is a lot more beneficial and it means that they get Website maintenance thrown in for FREE.

If you want to rent a domain for any other reason then get in touch and we will be able to help.