How to Increase Traffic to your Website

seoHow to increase traffic to your website? This is a problem many website owners face and because many businesses are under pressure it is important that you first of all get a website and then get traffic to your website.

We do offer SEO as a service however, without being biased it is probably the best way to get traffic to your website. This is because by being high up on the organic search listings you will be able to bring in a huge amount of traffic providing that you are ranking for keywords that people search for.

We have helped many businesses throughout the UK with search engine optimisation and have achieved first page rankings for their keywords. By achieving these rankings there was a major increase in traffic which led to more sales/more customers for these businesses.

Social media is another way that you can increase traffic to your website. This is simply because of the amount of people out there who use these platforms. Over recent years you do see people spamming and constantly going on about their own products and services and it can become annoying, so if this isn’t done properly then it can work against you. We would advise that any ads on this type of platform have to offer good content and useful information that will be of value to people otherwise they will get bored with you and will simply block or unfollow you.

Another way to increase traffic to your website is to have adverts on Google, this is also known as Google adwords, With Google Adwords you can pay per click so you can appear on the top page either at the top or down the right hand side. When people then click on your ad you will then pay the fee. However, the downside to this form of advertising is when your daily or weekly budget has been spent you will no longer have your website advertised. There is also the chance that competitors could click on your ad and cost you more money or you could be unlucky and a lot of people browsing the web could be clicking on your ad to see what you are offering; this all costs money.

There is also other options such as listing on directories, paying to be in Yellow Pages and other directories that do get some form of traffic. Although this could potentially gain some traffic, this type of thing is dying out so if people want a product or service then it is more than likely that they will Google that service and find someone on page 1 who offers what they are looking for.

We are able to help you to increase the traffic to your website regardless of which method you prefer and are happy to provide you with a FREE no obligation quote for our services. If you have any questions about how to increase traffic to your website then email us and we will try to answer you as quickly as we can.