Google has De Indexed my Homepage

Are you having the problem where Google appears to have de indexed your homepage but all other internal pages are still ranking well? ¬†Over the last few weeks we have had an increasing number of people contacting us regarding this situation. There can be a number of reasons why Google would de index your website however, it is highly unlikely that you are doing anything you shouldn’t be if it’s only your homepage that suffers.

Over the last 6 weeks Google has done a number of changes to the algorithm, this is also known as the Penguin Update. This update has affected a lot of businesses who rely only on their search engine rankings.

Our first peice of advice would be to have a look at Google Webmaster tools to see if you have any messages incase you have been doing something which is against the TOS. If there is no messages then check to see if your internal pages still rank because when Google decides to de index the website it will generally de indexes a domain name not just one url.

If you find that you are getting the same search engine rankings you had previously on your internal pages then it is likely that your homepage isn’t up to what’s required to rank well for the desired keywords that it once ranked for.

Our opinion¬†on why people assume their Homepage has been de indexed is that their homepage just isn’t up to scratch to rank well with the new algorithm changes. We can provide you with a FREE SEO review if you think your SEO efforts need to be increased.

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