Benefits of Link Building for SEO

If you are interested or reading up on SEO then you will probably want to know more about the benefits of link building for SEO purposes. We regularly get new clients who want to enquire about Link Building and how it benefits a website and more importantly how do we go about getting the links for a website for it to rank well for its desired keywords.

The benefits of link building for SEO can be huge. In our opinion link building is a big factor in any website ranking well although all other aspects of SEO need to be in place for the link building to have its maximum impact. There is always conflicting information online when reading up on SEO and in particular link building. There is also hundreds of people who claim to be able to get you the best links available at low prices which will provide you with the best rankings, in most cases this is all nonsense.

Over the years we have dealt with many customers who have been given a poor service by their previous SEO’s and the link building is either non existent or done using software or tools that do it automatically. This basically means that someone somewhere pushes a button and the software goes and builds your links, in our experience nothing in life is that easy.

If you want to rank well for a competitive term that is likely to bring you in a huge amount of business then it is unlikely that you will get an SEO who is able to achieve such results for a few hundred pounds, anything that competitive is going to cost a fair bit more. Building Links is an ongoing project that you will need to have done on a monthly basis so if you have a really competitive niche then getting good quality relevant links is a must.

There are a number of different methods that you can use when it comes to link building, ideally a one way link with a website linking to your website is the best link you are able to get. This can be done by guest blogging, writing good content for a website with your link on it, a simple link on a links page to name just a few.  This would require a lot of work and emailing back and forth to the right people however, using SEO’s is beneficial because they are likely to have the resources or contacts that you need to have your websites links posted in places that are likely to benefit your website.

In general people we watch who are not SEO’s link to everything and anything and while that was a tactic that had success a few years back things have changed. Google is always updating their algorithm which basically means that linking to any old website is no use, neither is having your link on 5000 directories that no-one ever uses as well as other bad tactics such as forum posting or blog commenting. These tactics are old and SEO’s all over the world used these tactics until Google had to cancel out the weight that it gave to people who carried out these methods when doing SEO.

The best advice that we can give is to have unique good quality content and get good quality links that are relevant and from the country you are targeting. If this is carried out on an ongoing basis then you are likely to see improved results and the benefits of link building for your SEO campaign will be there for all to see. We would recommend that if you are in a competitive niche that you hire a reputable SEO to carry out the link building for you as it is not easy trying to get links.

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