Backlink Campaign Help

As part of our ongoing SEO Questions and Answers we have received a question from someone who wants help with their Backlink Campaign, well they want advice from one of our SEO’s.

The question was  ” Ive been reading articles online about helping increase my websites popularity by getting backlinks, i read that ” Natural link building ” is encouraging people to link to my website via banners and logos. 

Manual Link Building : Is submitting my website to directories exchanging banners with other websites. blogs and so on ?

Self Created Links : Getting links on forums via signature links, forum profiles and blog commenting

Can you help ?

Well after reviewing the question we want to first of all tell you that all of the above is RUBBISH, do not use any of those tactics to get backlinks for your website to help you SEO wise.

First of all if you want help with your backlink Campaign then you need to make sure that when reading articles that you are reading content written by someone who knows what they are doing. The above tactics were used years ago and are now simply useless for any type of link building other than possibly getting some traffic to your website for those who might be reading the forums you post on etc.

Exchanging banners/logos

Exchanging banners or logos with someone can help you traffic wise but the search engines cannot read what a banner says and the best thing for the search engines is content. So an image will not help that much, meaning that it isn’t good link building practice. Also having someone else’s banners and logos is only going to possibly drive traffic from your website to theirs.

Directory submissions

The part about submitting your website to directories , again this was good 5 years ago and a tactic that was abused, there are that many directories out there now, and the search engines doesn’t really count those links anymore in terms of rankings. However if people do read these directories again it can pass some traffic, but again not part of any Backlink Campaign that we do.

Posting on forums, profiles and blog commenting

Posting on forums, profiles, and blog commenting are spammy tactics. Most forums will not allow “follow ” signatures because everyone will sign up and spam the forum for a link, so most worthwhile forums will not allow you a signature link, blog commenting is useless and spammy, and many decent blogs do not have this feature enabled.

What will help your backlink campaign is good quality relevant content with links placed through the content on someone’s website or blog, this could be a guest blog post or something similar. Posting on your own website,blog some compelling content in which will attract people to link to it naturally is another way of gaining natural one way links.

Exchanging links with good quality relevant websites is another way although you will have to offer them something worthwhile in return for them to link back to you. It is important that the websites are relevant, unique and don’t have thousands of people spamming the website with links.

These methods are how you can help your own backlink profile. There are many more methods you can use to gain links, but none of the ones mentioned by the person asking the question are worthwhile.

If you have any SEO Questions that you want answered by our SEO team then just fill in the contact form and we ill post a blog about your question, if we havent already covered that subject.