Advice on Choosing Title Tags for your Website

When you are choosing your title tag for your page you should do your research. Many people simply guess what people search for and hope that they will achieve good results as a result of doing so. Sometimes it will work for you especially if it is competitive search terms however, it is important that you are targeting keywords that people do search for so that you get some kind of traffic when it ranks well.

There are several tools available out there both paid and unpaid where you can search for keywords and find out a rough guide to how many people are searching for those terms. These tools can be Wordtracker or the FREE Google adwords keyword tool.

After you have found out what the general public are searching for you would then look to put these words onto your website via a post or page. The title tag is the first thing we do here at our company, this shows Google what the page is about.  I doesn’t have to have your company name or anything else on the title tag it can just contain the words in which the page should relate to.

Once you have picked your Title Tags for your Websites’s page then you can then add unique content and images as desired. It’s also worth noting that the content on the page should relate to the Title Tags on your website otherwise it will be harder for Google to identify exactly what your page is about.

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